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Defiant Lives is complete and premiered at the Sydney Film Festival on June 12.  On June 14 the film screened at the United Nations.  Documenting the rise and fight of the disability rights movement in Australia, the UK and USA this film looks at how activists around the world helped to free their people from incarceration in institutions and came to a new understanding of disability by reframing it as a problem of society rather than a problem existing within individuals.  The film is filled with rare archival imagery and teases out a nuanced little known story about how disabled people have literally changed our world.

Defiant Lives will be released in cinemas in Australia and America in July through Demand Film.  You can buy tickets to see Defiant Lives now 

The UK release will follow and then to other countries.  

To buy tickets or put your hand up to promote a cinema screening of Defiant Lives go to www.defiantlives.com 




Defiant Lives Official Trailer from Sarah Barton on Vimeo.