A Wing and A Prayer (2000)

Co- Writer/Director : Sarah Barton
Co-Writer/ Producer: Catherine Dyson

As Frankincense burns, sending fragrance to the spirits in the seven heavens, Shaza entertains a group of women in traditional Somalian style. From behind her black chador, symbolic of her devotion to Islam, Samira takes us on a journey of understanding, beyond the veil. They join Munira, Malyun and Suban, journeywomen from Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan to reveal truths and dispel myths about muslim, African women. They talk about the trauma of survival in a region simmering with conflict, their allegiance to their birth culture and the challenge of resettlement in Australia. Their intimacy is engaging and moving, as they remain strong, independent women forging their identities in a culture of ambivalence.